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How much do NFT cost

NFTbot is a Discord bot designed to simplify the requirmement for NFT alerts. Currently NFTbot is available for Opensea.io collection with future plans to expand to new and growing marketplaces. NFTbot hosts a plethora of tools you can utilise for your community. A full list can be found below.

NFTbot is a Discord bot designed to simplify the requirmement for NFT alerts. Currently NFTbot is available for Opensea.io collection with future plans to expand to new and growing marketplaces. NFTbot hosts a plethora of tools you can utilise for your community. A full list can be found below.

With communities growing bigger the demand for a reliable customisable NFT alert bot is growing. As a Discord moderator or owner you have the ability to deploy the bot into your server with customisable features such as: bot name, profile picture and description.

Here is what a custom contract that is verified looks like. (Green check means verified):


The NFT space is getting hotter and hotter by the day. Just 124 days ago, you could have bought a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for around $189.57 USD plus around $40 in gas on the Ethereum blockchain. Today that single NFT is worth over $120,000 with the current floor price of around 38 ETH. That is fucking astronomical! That is a life-changing amount of money for most people.

With astronomical gains comes the irresistible call to the darkest parts of the interwebs who want to take everything they can get from you, and they will.

Blockchain technology and removing the middle man makes YOU responsible for your own security. There is no customer service you can call to reverse a mistake you made so pay attention. I am going to go through some of the top scams I have identified and share some common sense tips to hopefully help you stay safe from the spider’s web of scams just waiting for you.

1. Never FUCKING EVER share your seed phrase with anyone, EVER!

Metamask support will NEVER ask you for your seed phrase. I don’t care if Jesus Christ himself comes down and asks you for your seed phrase, thou shalt NOT tell Jesus, Mary, Joseph Jehovah, Gandhi, Buddha, your therapist, or your favorite rapper any of those 12 or 24 words included in your seed phrase. Do I make myself clear?

Anyone with that set of words has full access to all of your assets. Anyone asking for that seed phase is 11,999% going to steal any money or assets you have associated with that wallet.

  • WRITE DOWN your seed phrase and keep it in a safe place, write it down twice and keep it in two separate places
  • DO NOT take pictures of your seed phrase, private keys, or mobile sync QR code and store this on your phone or worse than that send it to yourself via email, text, or save it on your computer if it’s connected to the internet and in digital form, it is liable to be sniffed out in some way.
  • WRITE. IT. DOWN. Seriously, do not be lazy this could cost you millions of dollars in the future.

Consider the enhanced security of a hardware wallet connected to your Metamask like a Trezor or Ledger Wallet but ONLY buy them from their official websites NEVER buy from Amazon or some other third party, because wallets can come tampered with from untrusted sources.

Do NOT EVER share your screen and click on sync with mobile under your Metamask Settings!

A newer social engineering exploit that has been very successful for scammers is they prey on people looking for help with Metamask, especially on Discord or Telegram groups.

They will pose as the admins of the group as they are able to spoof or fake the usernames in those applications so you think you are speaking with someone trustworthy, but you are not and they are about to rob you while you help them do it.

If you click on your Metamask settings > Advanced > and then “Sync with Mobile” while sharing your screen, congratulations you have just been robbed , and you helped them.

The scammers now have full control of your funds and assets and will remove them as quickly as possible maybe even right there in front of your face during the screen share.

They may even be more clever and wait till later while you are sleeping and siphon everything of value out of your account.

Sync with mobile is supposed to be a convenient way to sync your Metamask wallet with your phone, but if someone else is watching and gets even just a millisecond glimpse at the QR code that comes up on the screen, that account is now fully compromised, and you just got robbed.

Metamask needs to do a better job of WARNING people before they press the sync with a mobile button instead of showing the warning with the QR code already on the screen. Big RED Flashing screen that says can anyone see your screen right now? If so, DO NOT click this button; this could be solved with a better user interface.

Read this awful story below of how this just happened to someone. They stole over 250 ETH in valuable NFTs worth nearly $1,000,000…

I was scammed / socially manipulated / hacked on @Discord and @OpenSea and lost three @BoredApeYC, four @0n1Force, and three @worldofwomennft totally roughly 250 eth in value by getting tricked into exposing the Metamask QR Code in the Chrome Browser Extension. I’ve never felt pic.twitter.com/aiaENpwLVP

— Sohrob Farudi 🍌 (@sohrobf) August 25, 2021

I know 2 other people personally who have fallen for this as well. The worst part is that they were experienced and knew how important security is in this space, but still fell for it.

Often times during a moment of panic, or frustration, or trying to solve some problem with a transaction is when you don’t catch the tiny little detail that ends up costing you dearly.

How to Spot Possible Scam NFT Projects

To understand this part I will need to explain a few things that may sound nerdy but could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in fake NFTs. There are two main types of smart contracts on popular NFT marketplaces. They are:

  • Shared Contracts
  • Custom Contracts

One is superior to the other HANDS down, don’t let ANYONE at any marketplace tell you any differently, no matter how smart they sound. It’s all about transparency.

Shared contracts are inferior to custom / verified contracts in almost every way.

Opensea is the largest NFT marketplace and everything minted on Opensea is done so in a shared contract and while there are some cost benefits to dumping all the NFTs into one single large collection in one contract, there are some serious downsides for artists and collectors to consider.

This is what a shared non verified open sea contract looks like in Etherscan:

Opensea Shared Storefront Contract

This is how you find the contract link on Opensea:

Where you see “editable,” or it will say “centralized,” this means it is an Opensea Shared Storefront contract. You can click on the contract address, and it will take you to Etherscan.

Custom Contracts are Better and the Details are different:

When you click the contract address it will take you to Etherscan, and on the right-hand side of Etherscan, after clicking on the contract address again, you will see the token tracker name of the custom contract.

Here is what a custom contract that is verified looks like. (Green check means verified):

Now, do you see some of the major differences? For one, a custom verified contract can be read by a human. People a lot smarter than you and I can read through them and verify what the smart contract actually says. Although with just a little digging, you can learn to read even just basic things in a smart contract as well.

The ability to lazy mint into shared contracts is one of the reasons they are so widespread. However, that free minting comes at a cost to you as the artist, and to your collectors.

For the minting of derivative projects where you have the rights to another NFT you hold such as a Bored Ape or any of the number of avatar NFT projects using a shared contract could be okay to use. However, if you are building a more serious project or buying into one, especially for collectibles, you should definitely insist on using a custom contract. For projects that use custom contracts, that is the number one easiest way to spot a fake NFT because the fakes use shared contracts.

For every major NFT drop there are always fakes being uploaded as soon as the project drops on Opensea and they almost always exclusively use OpenSea Shared Storefront contracts to create the fakes.

This is one of the many reasons why any serious collectible NFT project should be using a custom contract so that your collectors can quickly identify the authenticity of your project.

There are additional benefits to having your own custom contract for you and your collectors to include full visibility into the holders and token distribution of that NFT. This is very important for serious collectors and a good way to spot if an NFT project team is telling the truth about certain things that can be proven or disproven on the blockchain.

4. Always verify an NFT projects Contract address from an official source such as their website or in the announcement channel of their discord

Copy and paste the contract address being pointed to by the red arrow above into https://etherscan.io/

You will then see this below:

If you click on the contract (red arrow on the right side) you will see where it says, token tracker as shown below:

Verify Opensea Collection links from OFFICIAL SOURCES and TRIPLE CHECK THEM

You should be getting the OpenSea collection links only from the official website of the project and the announcement channels in the discord servers where ONLY Moderators can post.

There will often be a number of scammers in the discord server sharing fake links to get unsuspecting people to click and buy fake NFTs from fake collections. This is why checking the details section and seeing a custom contract versus an opensea Shared contract matters, and why if you are serious about collecting a project ensure they understand the difference between shared contracts and that they are building their project on its own custom contract.

This is how sneaky these scammers are, look at these two opensea collection links below:

One is real and one is fake can you spot which one is fake?

I’ll give you a hint look at how the word “battle” is spelled in the first link, that’s the fake one.

What makes this even worse is that I found this in an NFT bundle where someone was selling 5 of these Baby Battle Bot NFTs for .88 ETH which seems like a steal because each one was going for around .24 ETH right after the drop and, in my excitement, I shared this link to the bundle below with friends who were looking to buy several because the project looks so promising.

Only if you knew to look at each of the 5 NFTS in the bundle would you have spotted the above difference in the links and seen that someone paid .88 ETH for 4 FAKE NFTS and only 1 real one, this could have been one of my friends had I not checked each NFT in the bundle and spotted the fakes and told them immediately.

Assume everyone you don’t know is a potential adversary looking to take something from you, so proceed with caution.

Here are some basic tips

  • Don’t click on links from people you don’t know
  • Don’t open files and attachments from people you don’t know.
  • Discord Server Mod usernames can be faked easily (DISCORD GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND FIX THIS)
  • Don’t leave the discord server you are in to go to a “support server” this is most likely a scam and they will socially engineer your money away from you.
  • Don’t send funds or NFTs without using a trusted service like NFTtrader.io , SudoSwap.xyz , swap.kiwi , or on Opensea where you can list an NFT for sale for super expensive (so no one accidentally buys it) and give the person looking to buy the NFT from you the link where you accept an offer they make for that specific NFT. In this process, you will need to know their address or Opensea username in recognizing the offer.
  • Use common sense
  • If you don’t know or are not sure, don’t be shy and ASK someone you trust that knows more than you do.

This concludes today’s lesson on how to spot scams in the NFT Space, your welcome! I hope this helps you keep your money and assets just a little bit safer.

I made this video walkthrough below for you all who are too lazy to read this all the way through and don’t pay attention to the details. I will say, the number one way you will get scammed is not paying attention to the details. So learn to pay attention because the details matter very much in this space.

Remember only you can prevent the theft of your Metamask wallet assets.

If at any point your seed phrase is exposed, consider that wallet fully compromised. You can never use that wallet ever again. And if they haven’t already robbed you, then you will need to remove all valuable assets from this wallet as soon as possible.

The problem is that the scammer could be waiting for you to transfer funds into the wallet or see the movement of the assets before making a move. For example, if you have a lot of NFTs it will cost gas to move those NFTs. If you transfer in a lump sum of money to try to transfer them out, they could be waiting for that, and swipe those funds.

You do not want to be in this situation trust me. Paying attention to security and understanding the details is important to staying safe in this crazy NFT space.

We will run Community Scavenger Hunts which will be rewarded directly via our Treasury. Completion of these hunts will likely require participants to purchase Deadbears on the Secondary Market.

Roadmap Timings

Announcement of the First Community Scavenger Hunt Challenge

First 10 to Complete will win – no set end date (10 Winners x 2 ETH equiv. each)

150 ETH transferred to Treasury

Commencement of converting 100 ETH to FLOKI

Note: This conversion will happen on both ETH and BSC and may take up to a week to avoid being frontrun

Rewards Snapshot for Wallets holding Floki Pups (75 Winners x 0.3 ETH equiv. each)

Second Community Scavenger Hunt Announcement

Community Discussion on how best to utilise the remaining 50 ETH in the Treasury that has not been converted to FLOKI

How many NFTs are in the range and how much do they cost to mint?

There are 10,000 NFTs including 75 Floki Pup NFTs. Minting will cost 0.05 ETH per NFT + Ethereum Gas Fee

How will the Treasury Rewards be spent?

30% of raised ETH will go into our Treasury, this equates to roughly 150 ETH!!

  • 25% will go towards Scavenger Hunt Rewards
  • 5% will go towards creating a FLOKI community staking program
How will you create demand in the Secondary Market?

We will run Community Scavenger Hunts which will be rewarded directly via our Treasury. Completion of these hunts will likely require participants to purchase Deadbears on the Secondary Market.

How will the Scavenger Hunts work?

We will post regular Scavenger Hunts where we challenge the community to gather a collection of Deadbears NFTs with specific traits.

Upon announcing each hunt we will clearly communicate the task and the rewards available so that both buyers and sellers can react accordingly.

Today, markets work differently and physical locations will soon become a thing of the past.

How to create a non fungible token (NFT)?

Honestly, creating an NFT doesn’t require you to know much about cryptos, smart contracts, blockchain technology or non fungible token (NFT), the bottom line is:

    • Have a cryptographic wallet because in this wallet your digital tokens will be stored. Preferably, a wallet compatible with Ethereum.
    • Decide what you are going to turn into an NFT token and where you are going to market it.
    • Once you choose a platform like Foundation, for example. Check which blockchain it was created on and which cryptos are compatible to create your NFT token on that blockchain. In the case of Foundation, it is created on Ethereum, so ideally you should create your NFT with ETH.
    • After choosing a blockchain, keep in mind that you must own native tokens of the blockchain.If you don’t have them, you can buy them from us at Bitnovo from our main page, as creating an NFT has a transaction fee charge on the network. In the case of Ethereum, we are talking about gas fee.

    For practical purposes, because many of today’s NFT platforms are built on top of the Ethereum network, let’s review how to do it with ETH and one of the broadest NFT marketplaces – Open Sea.

    In your terminal, run this command to make a new directory for your project:

    Initialize the project

    In your terminal, run this command to make a new directory for your project:

    Now, let's make another directory, ethereum/ , inside nft-project/ and initialize it with Hardhat. Hardhat is a dev tool that makes it easy to deploy and test your Ethereum software.

    Answer the questions however you want. Then, run those commands to make a Hardhat project:

    You will see this prompt:

    Select create an empty hardhat.config.js. This will generate an empty hardhat.config.js file that we will later update.

    For the web app, we will use Next.js to initialize a fully-functional web app. Go back to the root directory nft-project/ and initialize a boilerplate Next.js app called web:

    Your project now looks like this:

    Awesome! We are ready to dive into some real coding.

    Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is more than 10,000 profile pictures, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are digital collectibles unique on the Ethereum blockchain delegated to ape purchasers. Crypto Punks were the first ETH that gained a lot of attention, but Bored Ape Yacht Club is quickly becoming the number one NFT. Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs are in popular demand, as are their Mutant Apes.

    Connect Your MetaMask to OpenSea

    To connect your MetaMask account to OpenSea, you will need to complete the following steps:

    1. When you get to OpenSea, select My Profile from the icon at the top right.
    2. There will be a prompt for you to connect your wallet and additional prompts to connect the screen. The prompt will read Connecting when you are finished.
    3. To update your profile and make it personalized, you will see Unnamed and the wallet address beneath. Once you see the Sign-in prompt, you may start to personalize your profile. You will add a username, email, and bio, as well as a photo.
    4. Once these above steps are complete, you can see OpenSea in your wallet address. OpenSea will appear as a window and begin to sell, buy, trade, and create non-fungible tokens.

    It is important to note that Open Sea does not keep your digital assets.

    Add trustworthiness, ease of transfer, and indivisibility, and you’ll get enough reasons to get involved in NFT marketplace development.

    User Flow on NFT Marketplace

    The user flow looks identical for NFT sites. Your website visitors should create an account by entering all necessary details. They’d better create a wallet for crypto coins or connect the existing one to keep their coins in one place. The next step is developing non-fungible tokens. Those who passed registration should submit digital assets that represent their work. They can build entire collections and sell those pieces at a specific price or set up a bidding system so that those who offer the highest price will get the desired item. Without being checked and confirmed, no goods will not show up on the website. Moderation is a must. Once the system permits non-fungible tokens, customers will see them available for sales/bidding. The auction begins. It is possible to pick the desired cryptocurrency for deals. Both sides obtain notifications once the goods are sold. Finally, the service controls all transactions and movements of items.

    That is how a user flow typically looks like. Keep this process in mind while taking part in NFT marketplace development.

    We believe in the power of giving back and we hope you do too! 11.1% of all proceeds from this project will go to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer’s) charity.


    This NFT aims to represent a snapshot in time, the age of the emergence, adoption and utilisation of crypto currency and blockchains. Something that everyone who has contributed to this NFT is a part of.

    There will be a limited number of the completed NFT artwork available, these will be given to every contributor of the final artwork. Please note that you can only receive one copy of the completed NFT per account.

    Own a Piece Of History

    Inspired by the famous Million Dollar Homepage. This is the first pixel by pixel community designed NFT. We hope to create a snapshot in time of a moment in which we’re all a part of; the emergence, adoption and utilisation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


    There can be a maximum of 10,000 NFT’s available, although this can be significantly reduced dependant on how big the contributors images are. An average contributor image size of 20x20 pixels would result in only 2,500 NFT’s being available.


    We believe in the power of giving back and we hope you do too! 11.1% of all proceeds from this project will go to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer’s) charity.


    This NFT is the culmination of all of your contributions, it is your images that will make up the final artwork. How this looks and where we go with it is a reflection of the community right now in this current moment in time.


    As you can imagine, we only accept cryptocurrency payments, this is because blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is the foundation of the project and the driving force of what we are trying to achieve.


    Once all of the pixels are gone the project is over and the NFT is complete. How long this will take depends on the popularity of the project and how many people add their unique image to the artwork.

    A further example to dig into due to their massive popularity and the fact many would love to own one are CryptoPunks. Punk #7171 has been sharded into 1,060 pieces with each piece having a value of $108.69. Currently, 670 wallets hold shards in the form of HOODIE tokens.

    How does it work?

    As mentioned, platforms such as Niftex and Fractional.art lead in the space, but there are several more services offering the fractionalization of NFTs, with more arriving as demand increases. Moreover, the fact there is already almost half a billion dollars on these two platforms speaks volumes for the popularity of sharding NFTs even at this early stage.

    At the top of the pile, we see the Doge NFT. With a market cap of over $193 million and a total supply of 1 billion tokens. Simply put, this means an asset with a value of $193 million has been broken into 1 billion pieces and the value of each piece is now

    Find NFT Shards on DappRadar

    One year ago DappRadar built ShardMarketCap.io, a dedicated website hosting the key metrics attached to sharded NFTs. Now, it’s fully integrated into DappRadar.com on our comprehensive NFT page. To get an overview of the market or make a purchase click here.

    The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in ETH, BTC, NIOX, AGIX, MATIC, MANA, SAFEMOON, SDAO, CAKE, HEX, LINK, GRT, CRO, OMI, GO, SHIBA INU, AND OCEAN.

    .0113. For example, an investor could own 1000 DOG tokens out of the total supply and therefore have an $11.30 investment in the Doge NFT. If the value of the NFT rises then the value of each shard would increase in line.

    Fractionalized NFTs

    Considering the total market cap of all shards tracked by DappRadar is almost $400 million, the fact the Doge NFT holds $193 million, or almost half of that is significant. Of course, this is the NFT attached to the now infamous DOGE token popularized by tech billionaire Elon Musk. The “Doge” meme from 2010, which portrays a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu, inspired the creation of DOGE. A photo of that same dog went on to sell for $4 million as an NFT in June 2021. PleasrDAO, the collective that bought the Doge meme NFT, then offered fractional ownership over it, starting on Wednesday, September 1st.

    A further example to dig into due to their massive popularity and the fact many would love to own one are CryptoPunks. Punk #7171 has been sharded into 1,060 pieces with each piece having a value of $108.69. Currently, 670 wallets hold shards in the form of HOODIE tokens.

    Fractionalized NFTs

    Arguably, as the OG NFT collection, the value of CryptoPunks will only ever increase. Having the ability to jump in at around $100, rather than $400,000 obviously gives back a lesser reward but arguably comes with the same bragging rights. Perhaps, fractionalized bragging rights are more accurate.

    For many, Bali - the Island of Gods - is considered paradise. Beaches, trees, mountains, flora and fauna.


    For many, Bali - the Island of Gods - is considered paradise. Beaches, trees, mountains, flora and fauna.

    But deep inside the mountains, where silence prevails, there is a place that few have dared to explore. The locals call it the “in between” - a world torn between the Bali as we know it and an alternate universe where 8,000 live. No one knows who they are - legend claims they are descendants of Balinese gods to protect both realities.

    Boundless world. Untold stories. Hidden motives.
    Be one of the 8,000 founders and explore this world with us.

    --> --> 112 ETH --> --> 110 ETH --> --> 97 ETH --> --> 112 ETH --> --> 110 ETH --> --> 97 ETH --> -->

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